100th donation to restore hope 27th Aug 2020

When Mike Humphreys, Chair of the West Herts Charity Trust, heard that a local charity, which has delivered more than 24,000 food items to desperate families during the pandemic, was struggling with transport, the Trust stepped in and donated its  100th Vehicle


“ They had ripped the seats out of their old minibus in an effort to get boxes of hope with toys, meals and food to desperate families, but that meant that they could not then give much needed transport to families.”

 “ Restore Hope seemed to be the ideal candidates for our one hundredth vehicle, I know that they will use it well and that local families facing extremely tough circumstances will benefit. I suppose that its one charity helping another.”


At the start of the pandemic, Restore Hope, who have been in existence since 2002, set up a distribution centre from scratch and have so far sourced, packed and distributed free of charge more than 32,000 sports, toy and craft items for children! They also launched a brand-new initiative called ‘FoodLife’ to get fresh food to as many families as possible to provide practical hope and support to those facing really tough situations.   


So far the Restore Hope FoodLife programme has delivered over 22,500 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables and 4300 ‘Dinner is Served’ meal packs! To provide further support for families who have been deeply impacted by the pandemic, Restore Hope also provided daily phone support and as lockdown eased, they set up an outdoor ‘Hope Café’ and children’s wellbeing activities for families that had no outdoor space of their own or no where else they could go. 


Restore Hope Director, Graham Wakeman said: “We can’t thank  the West Herts Charity Trust enough for the van which is going to make a massive difference to our ability to support local families.  He added: “ It’s a special honour to receive the 100th vehicle. It’s been such a tough time for children and families, our new van will enable us to deliver food and hope to many more families in an ongoing time of crisis. However, it will also be the catalyst to invite families back to the beautiful old farm estate where we are based. Here they can find community and support and access training in a wide range of practical areas, life skills, parenting and personal development. Our heart is that children, young people and parents will be equipped to fulfil their potential and use their gifts and skills to bring hope to those around them. “


To find out more or donate to the work of Restore Hope please go to www.restorehopelatimer.org